430_3309537Xanadu Home Health provides the following services to homebound clients.

  • SN – Skilled Nursing (RN &LPN) –  PT – Physical Therapy
  • OT – Occupational Therapy   –  SP – Speech Pathology
  • HHA – Home Health Aides

Clients referred to Xanadu Home Health may benefit from our specialized programs:

  • Medical and Surgical Nursing, Diabetic Care,  Wound Care, Psychiatric care,
  • Pulmonary care, Treatments and Injections, Lab Draws, Catheter Care,
  • Ostomy Care, Set up – disburse and monitor medications, Patient and Family
  • teaching, Medication Teaching, Cardiac Nursing, Medical and Surgical
  • Nursing, Conditioning and reconditioning


Clients receive comprehensive and specialize approach to care overseen by our Chief Clinical Officer to ensure the effectiveness of therapies. Our progressive programs are designed to provide first rate therapy in the comfort of the client’s home in order to assist the client to function at their maximum level of ability: physically, emotionally and socially.

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