Chronic Care

chronic care

The Chronic Care Management Program from Xanadu Home Health helps clients with chronic illnesses – such as diabetes, heart failure and breathing problems – to better manage their health and achieve the best quality of life possible.

Our clinicians are specially trained and certified in chronic care management, which is a patient-centered approach that helps clients in their homes learn ways to manage their illness. Through coaching and education, clients and families learn self-management skills that help them feel more confident to live a healthier lifestyle.

To learn more about Chronic Care Management from Xanadu Home Health or to make a referral, call 508 946 1200.

How Chronic Care Management Can Help

The management of chronic illnesses has become a critical issue in today’s healthcare environment. At least 50% of home health clients have at least one chronic illness, and that numbers are increasing.

Xanadu’s Chronic Care Management Program includes these components:

  • A patient-centered approach that engages clients and builds relationships and trust
  • A collaborative partnership with the patient’s primary care physician and medical team and family members that results in improved care for the patient
  • A self-management approach built on the principles of health coaching, evidence-based practice and adult education, which equips clients with the knowledge and tools needed to help manage their disease and reduce hospital re-admissions.
  • The use of clinical specialists as consultants

Our comprehensive Chronic Care Management has been proven to produce better health outcomes, including:

  • Improved health and quality of life  
  • Reduced medical expenses, including drug costs
  • Reduced hospitalizations and Emergency Department visits
  • Reduced duplication of diagnostic tests
  • More independence at home

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