Our nurses provide a level of expertise and a commitment to their clients’ well-being that is second to none. They are trustworthy, kind and caring, and they are also screened, insured and credentialed. We work to recruit the most qualified and compassionate healthcare professionals.

At Xanadu Home Health, our nurses provide a range of home-based care, from assessing and carefully monitoring your health to helping you manage medications and chronic health conditions.

Our Health Care staff can help determine the right type and amount of care you need, whether it’s once a week or more. We also offer specialized support for complex health situation such cardiac, pulmonary, or psych.

Our nursing care can include:

     Health Assessment and Monitoring – Working with you, your doctors and your family, your private nurse ensures that everyone understands your current needs and how to best manage them. By closely monitoring your health, your nurse will communicate any changes to your doctor, ensuring that you receive the best possible care.

    Medication Management – Your nurse ensures that you are managing your medications effectively and monitors how well your medications are working.

    Medical Treatment – Your nurse will help provide the care you may need, such as administering injections, dressing changes, pain management, wound care and caring for you after surgery.

    Health Education – Your nurse can also provide education to help you understand your condition and answer questions from your loved ones. Whether you have questions about home care or want a plan on how to prevent slips and falls, your nurse can keep you and those close to you fully informed.

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